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Vegan, superfood energy bars. Gluten free, dairy free, additive free. Packed with raw fruit, nuts and chia seeds. Breakfast, snack, sports fuel. Stop fridge foraging and stay fuller for longer with Ollybars whole meal, whole food nutrition and energy.


Ian Williams and the 2016 World Triathlon Championships

'I used Ollybars while training to compete in the 2016 World age group Triathlon Championships... getting the right nutrition really is important for this kind of event and Ollybars have become my go to bar". 

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Patrick Robinson's Red Bull Romanics adventure fuelled by Ollybars

'Both Mike and I were astonished at how effective two Ollybars were at providing fuel for a day’s riding. We never took the third bar at midpoint, just didn’t need it'

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Ollybars and THE BIG 100 Challenge by Ryan Mathie

Ollybars work, keep me going and they really do fit in nicely around my training
when I need a bite.

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Juliet Elliot cycling blogger road tests Ollybars

'I’ve tried so many brands of bars as I get through a lot of them on the bike, but when I first bit into an Olly Bar I immediately knew they were a bit special'

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