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Vegan, superfood energy bars. Gluten free, dairy free, additive free. Packed with raw fruit, nuts and chia seeds. Breakfast, snack, sports fuel. Stop fridge foraging and stay fuller for longer with Ollybars whole meal, whole food nutrition and energy.


Glen John Jones private trainer to the stars. Why I use Ollybars.

"For myself I would have to say Ollybars ticks all the boxes when it comes to enhancing and adding value to my own daily routine and my clients. Overall they have all reported back that they feel genuinely sustained from the ‘natural’ slow release energy."

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Extreme Camping! Ollybars goes to The End of the World!

"Ollybars were the perfect snack as they were light to carry and easy to pack. We fit so many of them in our backpacks, we could both have one each day for breakfast and lunch. Filling and satisfying, they offered our fatigued bodies all the nutrients they needed and made our challenging trip that little bit more comforting and special".

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Alice Thai paralympic swimmer chosen for Rio Olympic Games!

"I will be joining 30 other Paralympic swimmers at the Rio Olympic Games. Once again Ollybars has been there every step of the way to support me.... Ollybars played their part in satisfying my hunger - and anybody who knows swimmers knows that we are always hungry!"

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Crossfit Coach Elisa powered by Ollybars

"Nutrition for the body is the number one foundation to building better human beings, this should be our first priority! The stronger the base, the better our performance when we train and the better the results!" 

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